Thursday, April 9, 2020

2020 ART Artists Announced!

We are so EXCITED to announce the talent for this year's Artisans Road Trip:

Joanne Alberda; Sioux Center, IA
Melanie Cable; Canby, MN
Beth Cathcart; Linn Grove, IA
Danielle Clouse Gast; Spirit Lake, IA
Cherie Courter; Storm Lake, IA
Joleen Dentlinger; Storm Lake, IA
Allen Koessel, Lake View, IA
Jerry Kahl; Storm Lake, IA
William Lieb; Spirit Lake, IA
Haley McAndrews; Denison, IA
Rosalise Olson, Spirit Lake, IA
Jane Lieb, Spirit Lake, IA
Lee A. Schoenewe, Spencer, IA
Sarah Morphew; Estherville, IA
Ron Netten; Storm Lake, IA
Diane O'Hern; Eagle Grove, IA
Denice Peters; Denison, IA
Nancy Parliman Schoenewe, Spencer, IA
Mary Ortner, Holstein, IA
Torrey Proctor, Spencer, IA
Anita K. Plucker; Terrill, IA
Gene Polson; Marcus, IA
Lissa Potter; Spirit Lake, IA
Tonya Archer, Storm Lake, IA
Mitch Eveleth, Estherville, IA
Rachael Sitzman; Sioux Rapids, IA
David Strom; Windom, MN
Jean Wenell, Laurens, IA
Nick Von Ohlen, Alpha, MN
Lawton Westergard, Terril, IA
Cathy Veiseth, Spencer, IA

2020 is our 17th year, and we are SO glad you've joined us!!

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